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Our Journey of Transformation
From a Budding Retail Company to a Flourishing Wholesale Enterprise in the FMCG Industry

A Venture Born in 2019

Founded by two aspiring entrepreneurs, Chirag Porwal & Nitesh Rathod, Ayurhub came to life in 2019 with its headquarters in Pune.

Back then, Ayurhub was a retail venture setting foot in the FMCG industry. With Chirag's impeccable business understanding and Nitesh's persuasive interpersonal skills, the company landed an exciting distribution opportunity with a prominent and established brand - Organic India.

With this began the evolution of Ayurhub into an industry giant with diverse FMCG companies under its belt.

The Beginning of a New Journey

Our company expands into FMCG distribution by affiliating with Organic India as their official distributor in Pune.


Signing On with National & International Brands

Several popular brands like Del Monte, MuscleBlaze, and Kapiva hop on board with Ayurhub to be their stockist and distributor.


First Award

Ayurhub is recognized as a frontline warrior by Organic India for stepping forward in times of hardship and carrying forth its philosophy in action.


Building Our Empire

Our distribution network now covers the entire city of Pune. Our clientele includes 10 sought-after companies, including Veeba, Yoga Bar, Salsalito & more.


From 200 to 2500 Monthly Dispatches

Celebrating Ayurhub's roaring success as our journey hits the mark of 2500 dispatches in a month.

Our Vision
Bridge the Gap between Makers and Sellers

Ayurhub strives to make FMCG goods easily accessible to every outlet while helping companies gain maximum exposure in the market. We undertake a two-pronged approach to achieve our end goal. Firstly, we continually work towards expanding our portfolio by associating with in-demand FMCG brands. Secondly, we endeavor to build a strong distribution network by connecting with reachable as well as remote sellers in the industry.

Delivery of FMCG products from factory to retailer